Sesame Wafers

From my blogroll, the one that always makes me want to try their recipe is Pores au Chocolat. Maybe its because she’s British, and so all the things she makes seems new and exciting (let’s face it, American blogs seem to only care about making cakes, cupcakes, pies, or scones/biscuits).  Or maybe its the simplicity of her photography and recipes that draws me to it. Or maybe its the fact that all her recipes are posted in weight as opposed to cups, and in the metric system no less. Either way, when I’m feel like I need to step out of the usual desserts I make, I turn to her for some good recipes.

Sesame Wafers 1

I think what drawn me to this recipe was the use of sesame. I usually don’t see white sesame used in sweets, but black sesame is one of my favorite flavors or fillings in Asian desserts. I followed the sesame wafers recipe here, except for halving the recipe (I didn’t want to make 50 of these things), and substituting dark brown sugar for light brown sugar (its what I had on hand). Also, my cookies turned out baked at 6 minutes, and burnt at 10, so if you plan on making these be sure to check your oven often.

Sesame Wafers 2

The texture reminded me of the brandy snaps I made last year, also from Poires au Chocolat. Both cookies/wafers were lacy and sugary. However, the toasted white sesame seeds gave it an incredibly savory flavor that reminded me of some sort of childhood snack. They are very delicious, and it is unfortunate that I burnt my first batch. I wish mine were perfectly round like hers, but hey taste is more important. If you are interested in making these, head over to Poires au Chocolat and check out the recipe!

Sesame Wafers 3

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