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Waffle and Dinges @ NYC

Waffle and Dinges food truck menu

For some absurd reason when I first heard of the word dinges, it meant sausage to me. I was quite embarrassed to say that I kept on asking for dinges on my waffle, only to discover that dinges meant toppings! Anyway, their menu is quite interesting, with a choice of Belgium (crispy and fluffy) or Liege (chewy)) waffles, and a choice of 1 dinges for free. They also have interesting combinations such as chili con carne or pulled pork waffles. Their toppings include strawberries, bananas, nutella, walnuts, spekulos spread, dulce de leche, ice cream, and other normal things you would find as waffle toppings. I ordered a Liege waffle with strawberries, but I totally should have went for the pulled pork or chili con carne. =(

Waffle and Dinges!

The waffle itself was lighter than I expected, but also chewy. To be honest, I don’t usually like liege waffles, but something possessed me to get it anyway. I usually find them too dense, but this one was not. The exterior had also some caramelized sugar which was quite tastey. Still, I think there was something texturally off about this waffle that I couldn’t put my finger on… as if… it was a little undercooked? I’m not sure. It was good, but it wasn’t mind-blowingly-amazing. Strawberries were fresh and went well with the waffles. Would I seek this place out just to come back? I’m doubtful, but it was an enjoyable lunch.

A cute display case on the truck


Rice to Riches @ NYC

First of all, I must apologize for my bad photo taking skills. I was still trying to figure out how to use my new camera to take better pictures.

The store had interesting interior decoration

I didn’t really plan on coming to Rice to Riches, but my friend suggested it so I was curious to check it out. We were allowed to sample all the flavors, so I asked for a couple of the chocolate ones. However, they were quite disappointing because I felt like it didn’t have the strong and deep flavor of chocolate that I would want out of my desserts. However, I can say that the cherry chocolate wasn’t bad, if you like the tang of a fruit with chocolate.

Rum and Raisin rice pudding with nuts on top

I decided with rum and raisin because I’ve recently become a little obsessed about wanting to make a rum cake, and I think in general rum is delicious in desserts. I also asked for mixed nuts as a topping. It was very, very good. Creamy, sweet, and lots of rum and fruit flavor and raisins to compliment that. However, I think it was a bit strong on the vanilla and sugar. The rice was tender, which was good. After finishing a bowl of it, I felt like I had a little too much to eat because its a little too sweet and too strong with the vanilla for me. I probably won’t be seeking this place out again, unless I randomly crave rice pudding or is hit with a bout of sweet tooth.

If you get it to go you get this cool little spoon along with the container


Lady M @ NYC

I don’t remember where I heard about Lady M, but Serious Eats highly recommends their crêpes cake. I was excited to see that they had a green tea flavored cake, because I love green tea. So crêpe cakes are a stack of crêpes with pastry cream in between. crêpe and pastry cream, what could be better?

Green Tea Mille Crêpes

I’ve never had a crêpe cake so I think this cake set the bar pretty damn high. They used generous amounts of matcha, which I loved. I thought the individual layers on the side of the cake was crêpe, but I realized that it was layers of pastry cream. The crêpes were so thin that I don’t think I could see them from side view. However, they were somehow magically not soggy, despite the pastry cream. On the contrary, they were soft, but chewy and pliable. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing texture. As my friend put it, “its like sheets of paper melting in your mouth.” So, so good.

This is definitely a must visit if I ever came back to NYC again.


Pain D’Avignon @ NYC

I don’t even remember how I know this place, but I had the dying desire to buy something here. I figured since it was French, I would buy a croissant here. I was also very intrigued by the cranberry pecan pull apart roll so I got one of those too.

Strangely shaped croissant and bread roll

Don’t be fooled – just because the bakery is French doesn’t automatically mean their croissant is delicious. The exterior was very crispy, and it looked gorgeous, but the layers didn’t expand very much on the inside, so there were large pockets here and there when we bit in. The orange flavor was a strong note at the back of the mouth which I really liked. Also, the croissant didn’t taste like butter, which I found weird, but it made the croissant not too rich to eat.

Now this is good bread. Just by taking it out of the bag I could smell it, the smell of fresh bread (yeast, mostly). The exterior was hard, so I expected a dense loaf, but it was surprisingly soft but chewy. The cranberries made the roll quite sweet, and the pecans really complimented the cranberries well, making it sweet and nutty bread. This is bread I would come back for.

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Extraordinary Desserts @ San Diego

Extraordinary desserts really is extraordinary. Everything in the store looked delicious, and I was tempted to just get one of everything. Jinxi and I ended up with a French Apple Pie, Lemon Meringue Napolean, and the Creme Brulee Bun.

The lemon meringue napolean (not pictured) had two layers of puff pastry, lemon curd in the middle and a torched meringue on top. The lemon curd was very good, tart but sweet and of course very citrus-y. The puff pastry was already soggy because we waited until the next day to eat it. The meringue was weird… it was very dusty, and I could taste individual crystals of sugar. Not what I want out of my meringue. Also, it came with a mango strawberry sauce which was delicious.

French Apple Pie – amazingly declicious

I really enjoyed my French apple pie. I baked it in the toaster oven for a while before eating it, so the pastry was warm and crumbly. It tasted strongly of vanilla, which complimented the apples well. The apples weren’t granny smith apples, so it wasn’t as tart. The apples were soft but not mushy, and not over powered by the taste of cinnamon. The caramel sauce that came with it was buttery and not overly sweet and it definitely complimented the pie very well.