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Park Bruges Cafe

I’ve been to Point Brugge, its sister restaurant many, many times. In fact, it is one of my first blog posts! I never really had a reason to come to Park Bruges Cafe over Point Brugge, but they do have poutine which is very exciting. A couple of weeks ago we decided to eat here because it was on the way to my driver’s test, and the instant I saw the breakfast poutine I knew I had to get it.

Brunch Style Poutine - Fried egg, Amish cheese curds, Parma sausage gravy

Brunch Style Poutine – Fried egg, Amish cheese curds, Parma
sausage gravy

I had really high expectations for this poutine because Point Brugge makes amazing fries, and Point Brugge makes good food in general. I was disappointed though, because the fries were mediocre and the gravy was also just mediocre. I do think the idea of a brunch poutine is genius, but the end product just didn’t live up to the hype. The fries didn’t seem freshly fried, so not incredibly crispy nor did it have the potato flavor that I wanted. The gravy wasn’t very flavorful, and perhaps a little too salty. Overall the combination of average parts created an average dish. Its not worth coming back for, but I would like to try some of their other items on the menu.

Have you been here before? If so, what did you think about it?

Park Bruges Cafe
5801 Bryant St, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 661-3334


Point Brugge Cafe Part 2

Second time at Point Brugge Cafe! We went there two weeks ago and I was very excited to try out the rest of their menu.  Thankfully, I brought 3 other friends, 2 of which ordered new dishes, so I got to try 3 dishes in total.  I can say that most of their other items are pretty good compared to the moules, which is still my favorite.  One of my friends has never been to Point Brugge, so we convinced him to get the moules.  Unfortunately he got the red curry sauce, so I did not get to try the white wine or spicy tomato sauce.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, this time we ordered Ragù Bolognese, which is gemelli pasta with a rich ragù of beef, pork and sweet sausage braised in red wine and herbs, Carbonnade Flamande, which is beef braised in Belgian brown ale with onions, apricots, cherries and rosemary and served with frites for “our” take on a traditional Belgian dish, and Fresh Wild Fish (Halibut on that day), which is Chef’s selection pan seared and served with tabouleh style quinoa, julienned vegetables and red pepper chutney.

Fresh Wild Fish - Halibut

The fish entree was only okay.  The quinoa was very, very good though.  It was my first time having quinoa, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the pine nuts really went well with the quinoa.  The texture reminds me of fish eggs (tamago) in sushi, which I really liked.  Over all it was a very, um, aromatic.  The smell/taste of wheat and whatever else was in it and pine nuts was amazing.  The side salad was okay; nothing to special about it.  The fish was also average… I honestly don’t know why I keep on ordering/eating fish if I don’t enjoy pan-seared fish very much.  Overall, not a dish I would get again, but perhaps fish lovers would like it more.

Carbonnade Flamande

The Carbonnade Flamande, ordered by one of my friends, was pretty good.  I only had one tasting of it, but I really liked the seasoning.  The beef was very tender and so it was really good.  The , um, sauce (stew?) around it seemed to salty though.  But I only had one bite, so maybe what I remember is not accurate.  This is a dish I would recommend to people.  I think the beef and vegetables were seasoned well and I liked it.  It also comes with their amazing frites, which is a must have of course.

Ragù Bolognese

I had very low expectations for Ragu Bolognese, to be honest.  When my friend ordered it I almost told him not to.  I general I just don’t have very high expectations for pasta, I guess, but Point Brugge Cafe really blew me away.  The sausage in it was, again, seasoned very well which tasted amazing.  Unlike usual Italian pasta, their dish was not drenched in sauce, but I didn’t think the pasta was tasteless or anything.  (Then again, one bite is probably not a good standard to rate the whole dish).  I think I would recommend this dish to people who like pasta, although it is not as good as the Carbonnade FLamande.


Point Brugge Cafe

Point Brugge Cafe! I’ve been wanting to go to this place since Winter break, but I never got around to it since it was so freaking cold in Pittsburgh, and I didn’t know that my friend had a car until later. We had attempted once to go on Easter Sunday, but that day being Easter, it was unfortunately closed (Yes, I’m so fobby that I didn’t expect it). But anyway, my other friend, Ben, was also interested in going so I went with him last night and had dinner there.

The restaurant was really small, so even on a Wednesday night we had to wait for twenty minutes for the two of us.  I told him that their specialty was moules (mussels) and frites (fries) and so that’s all we ordered.  There are 3 types of sauces for the moules: garlic, red curry, and spicy tomato.  Both of us got the red curry (I was hoping he would get another one…) but he got the bigger platter with the frites.  It also came with a chunk of french bread which was also really good.  Overall, the meal was delicious.

Moules with Red Curry Sauce

He ate all of this plus 2 more pieces of bread...

The red curry sauce was really, really good.  It was made of coconut milk, basil, onions, and other amazing ingredients which I do not remember, but it made a great dipping sauces for moules, bread and frites.   The frites came with a thick mayonnaise-like sauce and it looked liked it had either green onions or something in them.  It was incredibly creamy.  The coating for the frites was amazing too.  Incredibly crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and I suppose lightly salted.  The moules were really fresh. They also didn’t have any seafood stench to it, or strong taste of innards (you know, like the brains of shrimps?).  It really took up the smell and taste of the sauce it was in.  I personally love anything that has basil in it, so the meal was definitely amazing, and I would definitely come back.  It was cheap for me – 13 dollars including tip, and of course we could always ask for more bread.

I also found out that my friend, Ben, was a black hole for food, but yet he’s so skinny.  I probably spent as much time watching him eat as eating, haha.   He really enjoyed his meal, saying that he would bring his future girlfriends to this restaurant (THANK ME ;D).

Amazingly delicious.  I can’t wait to go back again, especially when I’m old enough to have some beer with the meal =D.