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Reyna Foods Taco Stand

Hi all, sorry for my disappearance. College has started for me and its been hectic because I’ve been busy cranking out applications for medical school. Now that is aside, I can start focusing on other things in my life, such as blogging, cooking, and baking! I’m really excited to start making food again.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a friend and I planned on making mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Although that’s another post altogether, we visited Reyna’s Foods Taco Stand in Strip District. It has had high reviews in yelp, and so we were excited to try it.

Taco stand menu

Their menu had a lot of different Mexican food. We both chose to get the 2 tacos for $5, and I was SUPER excited to see langua on the menu. Langua is beef tongue, and I’ve loved tongues since my childhood. I also love the crispy, succulent taste of carnitas, so that was my second choice.

The different salsas they offered.

I was sick that week, so I opted for the left, least spicy looking salsa. I am generally not a fan of green tomatillos either, but I would love to try the other types of salsa.

Taco making

The line for this taco stand is typically very long, at least a good 15 minute wait. This is their girdle with the different types of meat. I think the square-looking ones are the langua, but I’m not sure what the other ones are.


The verdict? Average. Not so great tacos. The langua was well seasoned, so I think its worth getting. However, carnitas was neither succulent nor crispy. To be honest, I was so, so disappointed because I had hoped that it was going to be delicious. Then again, I supposed I am comparing it to San Diego Mexican food, which is like comparing Pittsburgh French Cuisine to French Cuisine in Montreal or Quebec. I have to say, the ingredients used are all very fresh, but I don’t think I would come back for tacos. I might try quesadilla, or churros or something some day.

Have you ever been here? What’s the most delicious thing you’ve had?

Reyna Foods

2023 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 261-2606

Las Cuatro Milpas @ San Diego

San Diego has really good Mexican cuisine, so we ended up at Las Cuatro Milpas for some of their tacos. Mexican cuisine isn’t a big deal or very good in Pittsburgh, so I don’t really have expectations regarding this place. Anyway, I ordered a tamale and a taco, Jinxi ordered the roll tacos and a taco for myself, while my brother ordered his own tacos. The tacos here only come in pork (apparently you can order chicken tacos though), and there are tamales, roll tacos, chorizo and eggs, and then beans and rice on the menu. I saw someone order beans with flour tortilla which made me really want to try, but I was much too full to do so.

Carnitas taco and tamale

The tacos had tender and juicy carnitas, with lettuce and queso enchilada (the cheese). The fried shells were delicious – crispy and fragrant. The cheese tastes like a milder version of Parmesan, and since I’m not fond of the smelly cheese a milder version was definitely good. The cheese really adds to the overall flavor. There were onions and cilantro on the side, and we added a lot into the tacos. Then there was the spicy pepper sauce, which was very good. It was not very spicy, but very fragrant and pepper-y which I liked.

The tamale had some carnitas with a salty red/salsa(?) sauce on the inside. The outside was smooth but not crumbly, and tasted a lot like polenta which I liked. The sauce was a little too salty though unfortunately.

5 Taco Rolls

The roll tacos are basically rolled up fried shells with carnitas on the inside, with sour cream, lettuce and queso enchilada on top, and the rolls were sitting on top of a bed of salsa. I really liked the salsa. It was simple, sort of like tomato puree but with a texture. The sour cream and salsa made this dish subtly different from the tacos. Overall, another great meal and cheap too.


La Lucha Libre @ San Diego

I am currently traveling in the US! Its all very exciting, so there will be a lot of posts that aren’t about making food or eating in Pittsburgh. =) I am at San Diego visiting my brother and his girl friend, Jinxi, who is also a fellow blogger (check out her blog here).

The menu

I was whisked off to La Lucha Libre after being picked up at the airport. This restaurant has the strangest interior design I’ve ever seen. It had a golden pleather couch with gold candle sticks on one table, the walls were bright fuchsia, and even the menus were “nicely” framed with gold fancy wood work.  It was confusing, regardless of the type of food it served, but the food was definitely very, very good. (Please forgive the poor photo compositions, as I was very tired at the time)

Tastey, tastey chips

They have a salsa bar with a lot of different types to try, and free complimentary chips. Oh my, those chips were good. Crispy and dark brown, everything you want in a tortilla chip.  None of their salsas were too spicy, so I think they’re mostly the same, but the creamy cilantro one was pretty good. We were debating whether or not the sauce was a type of guacamole (I think it had lots of cream, Jinxi thinks it has yogurt, and my brother insisted that it had avocados). She went up to to ask, and apparently the weren’t allowed to tell us what was in it! It was confirmed that there was no avocados (why would you argue about food with foodies =O) and it had cilantro in it. Anyway, on to the burrito…

Holy Moly – Grilled Chicken Breast, Mole, Rice, Queso Panela, & Sour Cream


I split the burrito with Jinxi, and I was surprised to see how pale the sauce was. I’ve never had mole (its a Mexican sauce made with chocolate), and the few times I see it online the color is always a deep brown exactly like chocolate. I don’t really know how to describe it… its very deep, but smooth and creamy, and the end note is just a little sweet. My brother says that mole tastes exactly like chocolate, but I don’t really think so. The burrito had chicken, rice, and the cheese (queso panela). Queso panela tastes like bean curd I would eat in Chinese restaurants, haha. Its very solid, not that creamy or pungent. The texture is exactly like bean curd too. Overall, I really liked the burrito and the chips and salsa. Then again, its Jinxi approved so why wouldn’t I? ;)



Mad Mex @ East Liberty

Mad Mex! I’ve been wanting to go back to this place for a long time. I’ve only eaten here twice, but I’ve always gotten the same thing, haha. My favorite Mexican dish is probably enchilada (although I’ve never had a Chimichanga I guess). Generally the cheese on enchiladas are acceptable (I dislike certain types of cheeses…), and the sauce they use inside enchiladas is really good. Anyway, my friend and I ordered the same thing, so there’s only one picture:

Insane amounts of food rawr

The left is the yummy enchilada, and it comes with 2 types of salsa, black beans, and Mexican rice.  The Mexican rice was really, really good.  I don’t know how they made it, but it had a nice tomato flavor to it that made it really good.  Of course, I thought the enchilada itself was amazing too.  I’m not really sure what was I eating, but it had strong salsa/tomato flavors, with cheese (jack cheese?) and the beef was well seasoned.  I believe my friend doesn’t actually like Mad Mex that much, so I don’t know how often we’ll be coming here, but I definitely look forward to the next time I do to try out more of their menu.   Also, this plate is too much food for me – I’ll probably only eat half of it next time, haha.