Korea Garden

The Korean food scene in Pittsburgh tends to be very pricey, and I believe Korea Garden is one of the cheaper places. However, they recently remodeled (sometime during March?) and they’ve raised the prices since then. It doesn’t deter me from coming back because I think they have the best soon dubu I’ve ever had.

Soon dubu

Soon dubu

I really like this dish because of the depth of flavor they put into the broth. Its just incredibly… brothy. It tastes like lots of different seafood has been cooked with the broth, which makes the flavor very complex. The egg comes precooked inside the soup, which is not typical, but I don’t mind. The rice they serve is also very delicious, and a little soup with some rice is amazing.

Spicy cold soba noodles

Spicy cold soba noodles

Non-spicy cold soba noodles

Non-spicy cold soba noodles


My roommates ordered a cold stringy soba noodle dish, one with the spicy Korean pepper sauce and one without. The dish comes with Asian pear, an egg, and various vegetables. Supposedly the cold broth is supposed to be a beef based broth, but it tasted more like a seafood based broth (perhaps seaweed?). My Korean roommate commented that the flavors of the dish were not typical. I thought it was pretty good, but I was completely weirded out by a cold broth soup. I guess, its an interesting dish.

Typical side dishes

Typical side dishes

So this post concludes my last post (for a while) in Pittsburgh. I am leaving for Toronto, and then I will settle in Chicago for culinary school. I’m not sure how often I will be posting in Toronto (since I am poor and lack equipment to bake), but during August in Chicago I will definitely try to update!


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