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春水堂 – Spring Water House

For anyone who has lived in Taichung Taiwan, 春水堂 is a place that you must visit. It is said that they were the first store to sell bubble tea. Ever. This is one of my favorite places in Taichung to eat at, because not only is their food amazing, I love the atmosphere and they allow you to sit indefinitely and hang out with your friends. This has always been a rendezvous point for me and my friend, and now I will tell you about how amazing the food is here. =)

Matcha slushie

They called this their 玉露凍飲, but its basically a milk tea + matcha powder slushie. Unfortunately, you can’t get half sugar or less ice with this drink (what would a slushie be without ice?), but I think it tastes great. Even though its a cold drink, you can definitely taste the fragrant matcha powder (which I love), and so I would recommend this drink to anyone who likes green tea.

Sesame Milk Tea

Milk tea and sesame: two of my favorites. Funnily enough, this drink is called 健康鮮奶茶, which means “healthy fresh milk tea.” Nothing about sesame is mentioned here, silly Taiwanese people. Unlike most milk teas, this drink is made with milk as opposed to cream/creamer (it is rumored that cream does not exist in Taiwan?). You can definitely taste milk in it, and of course the sesame. Me and my friend loved this drink so much that when we brought a 3rd friend in, we ordered two pots of this stuff hot. It was amazing.

Brown Sugar Cake and Blood Rice Cake

On the left is their 方舟, which is a type of cake made with brown sugar (黑糖糕). The brown sugar is very unique to Japan, and it has an amazingly fragrant that is only associated with that type of sugar. It is also a personal favorite. Also, the cake was amazingly soft and chewy, which makes this an amazing dessert.

On the right is their 招牌米血. Its basically congealed pig’s blood with glutinous rice steamed together into a block. I used to not eat any 米血 from other places because I didn’t like the texture. I think they make the best 米血 ever. The whole thing is very soft, whereas in other places the texture of the rice is course. Of course, the sauce they put on it is amazing; a little bit spicy and just the right amount of soy sauce and sesame oil. I always eat this as a meal when I come here.

Kung Fu noodles

Finally, their 功夫麵 is what they are famous for (among other things). Kung Fu noodles is noodles with minced meat sauce, I think? Anyway, I only had a bite of it, but their noodles are really nicely done. They’re chewy and the minced meat is very tastey.

For Taiwan, this place is actually quite pricey, but I think the quality of the food certainly calls for that price. Come visit me in Taiwan sometime and I’ll definitely bring you here =)


Mister Donut

Mister Donut! I’ve been craving their donuts ever since I left Taiwan last summer, and I was so excited when I realized that there was a store at the department store I was headed.  My cousin and I decided to have donuts for dinner, because that’s how amazing they are. =D

The best donuts everrrr

The far right one is called Pon de Double Chocolat.  I adore the texture of this one.  Its slightly chewy, almost like mochi, and it has a deep chocolate flavor to it.  I also like the shape of it; I always eat the donut by those spherical sections.  They’re like made for bites of a donut!

The center right one is the Angel French (Japanese people came up with these names).  On the outside is a soft shell, and the inside there’s custard/cream in it and dipped with a little chocolate.  I didn’t like this one very much.  I felt like the outer shell was too soft/smushy and the inside is mostly empty.  It was my cousin’s donut, though, so I only had a bite of it

The center left one is called Choco Fashioned (again, Japanese people lol…).  I really love this one because the brown edges are crispy and amazingly fragrant.  Unfortunately only a part of it is dipped in chocolate, but I suppose if all of it was it would lose the crispiness that’s unique to this donut.

And since its apparently strawberry season (I thought strawberry season was during winter, like January/Februrary…??) my cousin got the Pon de Fancy Strawberry, which is a plain donut dipped in chocolate with dried strawberries on top.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  The strawberry taste was definitely there, which accompanied the chocolate and donut perfectly.  If I went back again I would probably order this one, especially because its limited.

I love Mister Donut and all its glory.  I just wish there were stores in the States! =(


Taiwanese Thai Cuisine – Thai Town

Its been a few days since I’ve been back in Taiwan, and my dad decided to take me and my cousin to a Thai place.  I’m kind of dubious of the authenticity of their “Thai” dishes, but it was good food nonetheless.

Shrimp sauce stir-fried Chinese spinach

"Moon" shrimp pancake

The Chinese spinach was really good. I really liked the shrimp sauce they put on it, or whatever it is. But I love Chinese spinach with or without the shrimp sauce, so maybe I’m a little biased there. I’m not sure if the shrimp pancakes are actually part of Thai cuisine. They’re always offered at Thai restaurants in Taiwan, but I’m a little suspicious of their origins. Anyway, these pancakes are basically shrimp meat in a batter and fried such that the outside is crispy. Its usually accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce, and it tastes amazing right out of the kitchen.

Chicken curry

Lemon Fish

The chicken curry (its mostly gone… I was too hungry to take a pic of it before eating) I didn’t have very much of. But I think although they got the coconut milk part right, it wasn’t really the right spices, or something. It tastes different from the curry I’ve had in Pittsburgh. Its definitely not as fragrant, which was disappointing. The lemon fish was okay. I’m not a big fan of fish, but the combination of lemon and parsley was actually pretty good.

Dessert - Shaved ice

Most of the "toppings" were underneath

My favorite was the dessert: shaved ice, Thai styled.  I don’t actually know what goes into this dish.  I believe they use a lot of canned fruits that are local to Thailand, and so all the fruits tend to have a similar chewy/rubbery texture and is extremely sweet.  They also add coconut milk to it, and I really like it.  The only problem is that I’m not sure what I’m actually eating.

I think Thai cuisine in Taiwan is okay.  Its not amazing; I wouldn’t come back to Taiwan just to eat it, but it was definitely an enjoyable meal.

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