Bar Marco

Hey guys, its been a long time! I dropped off mostly because 1) it was close to the end of my college career, which made me incredibly busy, mostly due to 2) post-college plans, 3) I got lazy, and 4) I wanted to focus my time on my friends since I won’t be seeing a lot of them in the near future. Anyway, its summer vacation for me so I will try to post more often.

Last weekend my roommates and I went to Bar Marco to try out their brunch menu. They seem like a classy tapa kind of place, so I was pretty excited to try their food. They had a soft-shell crab sandwich special that day, which I ordered, and both my roommates ordered the pork belly eggs benedict.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with some sort of aoili and fries

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with some sort of aoili and fries

The crab was deep fried and between a soft dinner roll and salad. The (mustard?) aioli is on top, as you can see. The crab itself was juicy and delicious, and the flavors of the salad and aoili went really well together. The fries were good and crispy. However, the salad was a bit salty (more so than the fried crab, which is confusing), and by the end of the meal it was a little too much. It seemed like problem because my roommates also pointed it out for their pork belly benedict. Also, I was disappointed that  they didn’t make their own ketchup. It seemed like Heinz ketchup to me.

Pork Belly Benedict

Pork Belly Benedict

This dish also came with a salad. The pork belly was also deep fried. The poached eggs were also a little over cooked. The egg yolk did not run free like typical poached eggs are. I did not get to taste this dish, but they complained that the salad was too salty, even more so than the pork belly (again, surprising), and so that part of the meal was not quite as enjoyable.

Overall, Bar Marco was decent, but not spectacular. Even without the overly-salted salad, the meal wasn’t particularly memorable. I won’t be in a rush to come back again, but neither will I be against coming back.

Have you been to Bar Marco? What do you think about it?

Bar Marco
2216 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222
(412) 471-1900


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