Russian Tea Cakes

In effort to do more of what I love, I’ve decided to try a new weekly thing: a Saturday baking project! I want to make some sort of pastry or bread every Saturday, despite the confinements of the dormitory. I’ve also decided to change the way I post about baking because I do not have a very clean space to work with, and so most of my photos would look like crap. To try to remedy that, I think I will only post the final product without the progress pictures, and I will also make an attempt to have the final products look nice. We’ll see how all of this works out though. To start it off, I began with Russian tea cakes, or butter balls.

Nutty, buttery balls of tastiness

Nutty, buttery balls of tastiness

Butter Ball Recipe from Saveur.

I’ve never had these cookies before, but my suitemate  confirmed that they do look taste like actual Russian Tea cakes. Two of them melted upon baking, which probably meant that I did not mix the butter and flour together enough, but otherwise they baked beautifully. I think the instructions from Saveur are good and no adjustments are needed.

The cookies themselves were delicious – tender and buttery, with a good nutty flavor to it. A cup of tea really makes these cookies addicting.

Try this recipe out, and tell me what you think!

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