Pumpkin and Sesame Poptarts

My suite mate really loves pumpkin, and given the season, I really wanted to try working with it as well. I decided to buy a pumpkin pie pumpkin and roast and puree it myself. Little did I know, the “skin” of a pumpkin is more like a “shell,” and you all should have seen my face when my knife bounced off the pumpkin on my first attempt. So at like 1am, I wrestled with my pumpkin to get it open, removed the seeds and gushy innards, and roasted it at 350F for an hour. Then I scraped the flesh out to use them for pop tarts (without pureeing).

Raw Pumpkin

I used the recipe for the pastry from Smitten Kitchen found here.

For the pumpkin filling, I took some of the pumpkin flesh, added sugar to taste and a pinch of cinnamon.

Pumpkin filling and poptart dough

For the sesame filling, I took about 2 tbsp of hydrogenated vegetable oil, melted it, and then 4 tbsp of sesame and sugar to taste (probably between 3-4 tbsp).

Finished poptarts

Slightly overbaked

If you want to make your own poptarts, head over to Smitten Kitchen! The pastry dough is really, really good and I really recommend it!


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