Square Cafe

This was the second time I’ve been to Square Cafe, and the first time I remember it didn’t impress me all that much. The menu and decor was cutesy, but the food was so so, and because its location was so out-of-the-way, I didn’t bother trying it again. However, they recently posted a groupon deal, so I invited my friend to come try it with me again, this time with a more analytical mindset.

Goat Cheese Omelet

I guess they change their menu regularly, because the goat cheese omelet is no longer on their menu. It came with asparagus, but since I didn’t like it I asked for onions instead. The omelet was bad. Overcooked and boring. I hate, hate overcooked eggs, and the only reason I ate it was because it was 1) expensive, and 2) not greasy therefore healthy. The salad on the side was also not good. It has some sort of oil dressing in it, but other than that it was boring and flavorless

I forget what my friend ordered, but her omelet was also overcooked, and the hash wasn’t crunchy. It seemed to have sit in the kitchen for a long time before it was served. I remember it being overly salty as well, and we did not finish it.

Obviously, I will probably never come back here again, with or without a groupon. I sort of do see the appeal of this place – the get their food locally, and use mostly natural or organic products, but if they cannot cook the food right, I don’t care where they get their food – bad food is bad food. Have you ever been here? If so, what do you think about Square Cafe?

Square Cafe

1137 South Braddock Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 244-8002

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