Burgers! Om nom nom. A couple of week ago my Sheep brought me to Burgatory which is in the northern part of Pittsburgh city. I had heard so many stories about it, and I was a little dubious about its deliciousness. I don’t like BRGR, which apparently everyone absolutely loves, so I wasn’t too looking forward to Burgatory. The Sheep also said that he didn’t like it, just so that I didn’t raise my hopes up too high.

Like in BRGR, they have a list of boozy shakes, and it seems like they were really pushing for me to try some. (I swear to god I’ll get one next time). Their menu also includes a build your own burger menu, and other deliciousness. On yelp, truffle fries were all the rage, so I ordered that, and also a custom burger.

Build-your-own-burger menu

I was debating between the bison burger and normal burger. However, I figured I would try their standard burgers first, and if its good I’ll come back for the bison burger next time.

Truffle fries with Gorgonzola and Scallions

We also decided to try the Truffle Fries with Gorgonzola and Scallions due to all the comments on yelp. These are definitely worth it. The fries had the perfect crispy exterior, and then a smooth and creamy interior. The gorgonzola complimented the truffle fries, enhancing the flavor of both in my mouth. The green onions also really lightened up the dish, away from the umami flavor of truffles and Gorgonzola and giving it a nice punch. I could eat these fries forever.

Standard Deluxe – All Natural Beef Burger with White American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and our House Burger Sauce.

I didn’t actually eat this, but this is what the Sheep ordered, with a side of sweet potato and russet chips.

Custom Creation – Beef patty with cajun rub, spicy ketchup, and bunless

Their burgers really are very, very good. It was so, so juicy, and perfectly seasoned. The spicy ketchup was also amazing. My only problem was that the chips seemed a little undercooked. A lot of them were very stiff and didn’t really seem edible. Also, the cajun rub didn’t really come through, which was a little disappointing.

I did not have a shake because I had already had fries, and I would feel like too much of a fat ass if I did. The waiter did ask us like 4 or 5 times though, which I thought was amusing interesting. Overall, I would definitely come back, for both the fries and burgers. Have you gone to Burgatory before? Tell me what you thought!


Fox Chapel / Waterworks
932 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Also at:

Robinson / The Pointe
300 McHolme Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15275


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