Reyna Foods Taco Stand

Hi all, sorry for my disappearance. College has started for me and its been hectic because I’ve been busy cranking out applications for medical school. Now that is aside, I can start focusing on other things in my life, such as blogging, cooking, and baking! I’m really excited to start making food again.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a friend and I planned on making mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Although that’s another post altogether, we visited Reyna’s Foods Taco Stand in Strip District. It has had high reviews in yelp, and so we were excited to try it.

Taco stand menu

Their menu had a lot of different Mexican food. We both chose to get the 2 tacos for $5, and I was SUPER excited to see langua on the menu. Langua is beef tongue, and I’ve loved tongues since my childhood. I also love the crispy, succulent taste of carnitas, so that was my second choice.

The different salsas they offered.

I was sick that week, so I opted for the left, least spicy looking salsa. I am generally not a fan of green tomatillos either, but I would love to try the other types of salsa.

Taco making

The line for this taco stand is typically very long, at least a good 15 minute wait. This is their girdle with the different types of meat. I think the square-looking ones are the langua, but I’m not sure what the other ones are.


The verdict? Average. Not so great tacos. The langua was well seasoned, so I think its worth getting. However, carnitas was neither succulent nor crispy. To be honest, I was so, so disappointed because I had hoped that it was going to be delicious. Then again, I supposed I am comparing it to San Diego Mexican food, which is like comparing Pittsburgh French Cuisine to French Cuisine in Montreal or Quebec. I have to say, the ingredients used are all very fresh, but I don’t think I would come back for tacos. I might try quesadilla, or churros or something some day.

Have you ever been here? What’s the most delicious thing you’ve had?

Reyna Foods

2023 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 261-2606

One thought on “Reyna Foods Taco Stand

  1. Jinxi says:

    Haha. I can’t imagine eating tacos anywhere else after living in San Diego :P I wonder if I can learn some of the trade and open up a taco cart in Taiwan…. XDD

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