Katsuhama @ NYC

This will be the last post of my 4 day 5 pound eating adventure at the Big Apple. I have to say that right now all I want to eat is a head of romaine lettuce for lunch and dinner every day for the next week or two instead of this crazy carby/sweet/fatty food diet that I’ve been on. I’ve had fun, but seriously, its time to stop.

wasabi tako

Anyway, I was agonizing over what to eat for this meal because I was eating alone. It also doesn’t help that I have a whole map of places people recommend online, and when it comes to restaurant choosing I am SUPER indecisive (unless I crave something specific). Somehow I still managed to make a decision and ended up in Katsuhama, where their specialty is katsu, Japanese fried pork cutlet. I wanted a small meal and on the cheap side so I went with the hire katsu don (Donburi with pork loin katsu) and tako wasabi (raw octopus with wasabi).

Their meals come with miso soup and marinated cabbage

The katsu was so, so good. Tender, porky and well seasoned. There was katsu sauce on the side as well. However, unfortunately the eggs covered my katsu so I can’t tell you how crispy (or not?) it could have been, but I’m sure it was amazing. Honestly, I am quite impressed by this store. Also, the tako wasabi is just like the one I had at Ippudo, albeit with some scallions and pepper flakes. Delicious as well. For the price I’m paying in New York City, I would come back to this place any time.


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