Waffle and Dinges @ NYC

Waffle and Dinges food truck menu

For some absurd reason when I first heard of the word dinges, it meant sausage to me. I was quite embarrassed to say that I kept on asking for dinges on my waffle, only to discover that dinges meant toppings! Anyway, their menu is quite interesting, with a choice of Belgium (crispy and fluffy) or Liege (chewy)) waffles, and a choice of 1 dinges for free. They also have interesting combinations such as chili con carne or pulled pork waffles. Their toppings include strawberries, bananas, nutella, walnuts, spekulos spread, dulce de leche, ice cream, and other normal things you would find as waffle toppings. I ordered a Liege waffle with strawberries, but I totally should have went for the pulled pork or chili con carne. =(

Waffle and Dinges!

The waffle itself was lighter than I expected, but also chewy. To be honest, I don’t usually like liege waffles, but something possessed me to get it anyway. I usually find them too dense, but this one was not. The exterior had also some caramelized sugar which was quite tastey. Still, I think there was something texturally off about this waffle that I couldn’t put my finger on… as if… it was a little undercooked? I’m not sure. It was good, but it wasn’t mind-blowingly-amazing. Strawberries were fresh and went well with the waffles. Would I seek this place out just to come back? I’m doubtful, but it was an enjoyable lunch.

A cute display case on the truck


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