Rice to Riches @ NYC

First of all, I must apologize for my bad photo taking skills. I was still trying to figure out how to use my new camera to take better pictures.

The store had interesting interior decoration

I didn’t really plan on coming to Rice to Riches, but my friend suggested it so I was curious to check it out. We were allowed to sample all the flavors, so I asked for a couple of the chocolate ones. However, they were quite disappointing because I felt like it didn’t have the strong and deep flavor of chocolate that I would want out of my desserts. However, I can say that the cherry chocolate wasn’t bad, if you like the tang of a fruit with chocolate.

Rum and Raisin rice pudding with nuts on top

I decided with rum and raisin because I’ve recently become a little obsessed about wanting to make a rum cake, and I think in general rum is delicious in desserts. I also asked for mixed nuts as a topping. It was very, very good. Creamy, sweet, and lots of rum and fruit flavor and raisins to compliment that. However, I think it was a bit strong on the vanilla and sugar. The rice was tender, which was good. After finishing a bowl of it, I felt like I had a little too much to eat because its a little too sweet and too strong with the vanilla for me. I probably won’t be seeking this place out again, unless I randomly crave rice pudding or is hit with a bout of sweet tooth.

If you get it to go you get this cool little spoon along with the container


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