Motorino @ NYC

New York Pizza is known to have a thin crust, which makes it crispy and crackly.  However, I am a fan of chewy textures, so I opted to try a Neopolitan pizza which is supposed to have a thicker crust. Serious Eats, which has a whole section of their site devoted to pizzas recommended Motorino for Neopolitan pizzas (among other, of course). I love the combination of mozzarella, tomato, and basil, so I opted for the margherita pizza. Since this pizza was meatless, we decided to top it with prosciutto.

Margherita Pizza with Prosciutto

Wow, so this is what I’ve been missing out on? The pizza exterior was crunchy, for the first few bites while hot, and the interior was soft and chewy. The pizza dough really was delicious, and the toppings were also amazing. The tomato sauce was light and just a bit tangy. The fresh mozzarella was stretchy and chewy, and fresh basil is always amazing. I would come back for more, for sure.

Motorino East Village
349 East 12th Street
New York City, New York


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