Lady M @ NYC

I don’t remember where I heard about Lady M, but Serious Eats highly recommends their crêpes cake. I was excited to see that they had a green tea flavored cake, because I love green tea. So crêpe cakes are a stack of crêpes with pastry cream in between. crêpe and pastry cream, what could be better?

Green Tea Mille Crêpes

I’ve never had a crêpe cake so I think this cake set the bar pretty damn high. They used generous amounts of matcha, which I loved. I thought the individual layers on the side of the cake was crêpe, but I realized that it was layers of pastry cream. The crêpes were so thin that I don’t think I could see them from side view. However, they were somehow magically not soggy, despite the pastry cream. On the contrary, they were soft, but chewy and pliable. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing texture. As my friend put it, “its like sheets of paper melting in your mouth.” So, so good.

This is definitely a must visit if I ever came back to NYC again.


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