Pain D’Avignon @ NYC

I don’t even remember how I know this place, but I had the dying desire to buy something here. I figured since it was French, I would buy a croissant here. I was also very intrigued by the cranberry pecan pull apart roll so I got one of those too.

Strangely shaped croissant and bread roll

Don’t be fooled – just because the bakery is French doesn’t automatically mean their croissant is delicious. The exterior was very crispy, and it looked gorgeous, but the layers didn’t expand very much on the inside, so there were large pockets here and there when we bit in. The orange flavor was a strong note at the back of the mouth which I really liked. Also, the croissant didn’t taste like butter, which I found weird, but it made the croissant not too rich to eat.

Now this is good bread. Just by taking it out of the bag I could smell it, the smell of fresh bread (yeast, mostly). The exterior was hard, so I expected a dense loaf, but it was surprisingly soft but chewy. The cranberries made the roll quite sweet, and the pecans really complimented the cranberries well, making it sweet and nutty bread. This is bread I would come back for.

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