Luke’s Lobster Roll @ NYC

Hello New York City! This post marks the beginning of my eating adventures in New York. =) I am here for 5 days total, and I assure you that there are plenty of posts to come about the Big Apple. I created myself a map of eateries to consider using Serious Eat’s recommendations before coming, but also I have agendas like pizza and canele to eat as well.

Also, before leaving San Diego I bought Jinxi’s Canon S95 from her. I’m still playing around with it to get better pictures, so bear with me while I do that. =)

My first stop at New York is Luke’s Lobster Rolls, which I first heard about on Serious East in food truck form. I thought, since it was a food truck, it can’t be that expensive right? Ugh, so wrong. Their lobster roll by itself is 15 dollars, crab is 12, and shrimp is 8. However, my friend wanted the Noah’s Ark, which was 38 dollars for 2 halves of each, 2 chips and 2 drinks. I wanted to try out everything too, so I agreed to this.

Crab roll, Lobster roll, and Shrimp roll. Lemon lime soda and chips in the back.

The only thing that is worth your money here is the lobster roll. Don’t bother with anything else, just that lobster. Although all three came with a decent portion of filling, and the bread with butter was insanely delicious, the crab and shrimp simply aren’t that fresh. The lobster was the only decently fresh seafood. They use mostly claw meat, so it was substantial. They use only a little bit of mayo, which I appreciate because I’m not a big fan of mayo. However, they also drown your roll in butter, which is kind of scary to watch, knowing that it will end up in your stomach. The bread they use isn’t even a roll; I think its thick slices of brioche sliced part way down the middle to allow for the filling. Overall, it was pretty good, although the butter was a little overwhelming towards the bottom. They soda and chips are also from Maine. I tried the lemon lime soda, but I didn’t think it was that different from normal lemon lime soda.

Would I come here again? I don’t think so. Its quite expensive for average-fresh lobster. Then again, I’m very picky about my seafood, so maybe you would think differently.


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