Coops Barbecue @ San Diego

Coops is a family owned business in San Diego, and Jinxi told me about how it is the most authentic Texas barbecue she has ever eaten outside of Texas (not that it was AMAZING Texas barbecue, unfortunately). Being the meat lover that I am, this place was on the top of my list to visit. Again, I am not that familiar with good barbecue, but apparently this is amazing barbecue (excluding the South).

Front door

We ordered the knockout, which was 6 meats with corn bread and 2 large sides. We got brisket, ribs, rib tips, jerk chicken, linkers, and pulled pork. We got the potato salad (2nd choice, but they ran out of cole slaw ) and collard greens.

The sides

The collard greens were really delicious actually. They tasted like they were boiled in salted water, so there wasn’t much spicy taste and was well seasoned. The potato salad was very creamy, and had a sweet and tangy taste, which was delicious. I really liked the corn bread. It was sweet and fragrant, with a little saltiness to it. They provided honey, but I felt like it was good without honey as well.

All the meat piled up high

The meats, wow, THIS is good barbecue? What have I been missing through out my life? All of the meats were tender and juicy. The jerk chicken was quite spicy, which was good. The linker was very, very juicy. The brisket was probably my favorite, because it was so tender and soft but delicious. I was surprised by how good the pulled pork was, because normally I don’t like it (probably because it wasn’t GOOD pulled pork). The barbecue sauce came in a non-spicy and spicy variety. I went for the spicy one, which really isn’t that spicy. But it had equal notes of sweet and sour, with some sort of fruity tone to it as well. Overall this meal was so, so good. I would definitely ask to come back this place when I come to visit my brother again.

Close up of ribs, linkers, and jerk chicken (underneath)



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