Extraordinary Desserts @ San Diego

Extraordinary desserts really is extraordinary. Everything in the store looked delicious, and I was tempted to just get one of everything. Jinxi and I ended up with a French Apple Pie, Lemon Meringue Napolean, and the Creme Brulee Bun.

The lemon meringue napolean (not pictured) had two layers of puff pastry, lemon curd in the middle and a torched meringue on top. The lemon curd was very good, tart but sweet and of course very citrus-y. The puff pastry was already soggy because we waited until the next day to eat it. The meringue was weird… it was very dusty, and I could taste individual crystals of sugar. Not what I want out of my meringue. Also, it came with a mango strawberry sauce which was delicious.

French Apple Pie – amazingly declicious

I really enjoyed my French apple pie. I baked it in the toaster oven for a while before eating it, so the pastry was warm and crumbly. It tasted strongly of vanilla, which complimented the apples well. The apples weren’t granny smith apples, so it wasn’t as tart. The apples were soft but not mushy, and not over powered by the taste of cinnamon. The caramel sauce that came with it was buttery and not overly sweet and it definitely complimented the pie very well.


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