Las Cuatro Milpas @ San Diego

San Diego has really good Mexican cuisine, so we ended up at Las Cuatro Milpas for some of their tacos. Mexican cuisine isn’t a big deal or very good in Pittsburgh, so I don’t really have expectations regarding this place. Anyway, I ordered a tamale and a taco, Jinxi ordered the roll tacos and a taco for myself, while my brother ordered his own tacos. The tacos here only come in pork (apparently you can order chicken tacos though), and there are tamales, roll tacos, chorizo and eggs, and then beans and rice on the menu. I saw someone order beans with flour tortilla which made me really want to try, but I was much too full to do so.

Carnitas taco and tamale

The tacos had tender and juicy carnitas, with lettuce and queso enchilada (the cheese). The fried shells were delicious – crispy and fragrant. The cheese tastes like a milder version of Parmesan, and since I’m not fond of the smelly cheese a milder version was definitely good. The cheese really adds to the overall flavor. There were onions and cilantro on the side, and we added a lot into the tacos. Then there was the spicy pepper sauce, which was very good. It was not very spicy, but very fragrant and pepper-y which I liked.

The tamale had some carnitas with a salty red/salsa(?) sauce on the inside. The outside was smooth but not crumbly, and tasted a lot like polenta which I liked. The sauce was a little too salty though unfortunately.

5 Taco Rolls

The roll tacos are basically rolled up fried shells with carnitas on the inside, with sour cream, lettuce and queso enchilada on top, and the rolls were sitting on top of a bed of salsa. I really liked the salsa. It was simple, sort of like tomato puree but with a texture. The sour cream and salsa made this dish subtly different from the tacos. Overall, another great meal and cheap too.


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