La Lucha Libre @ San Diego

I am currently traveling in the US! Its all very exciting, so there will be a lot of posts that aren’t about making food or eating in Pittsburgh. =) I am at San Diego visiting my brother and his girl friend, Jinxi, who is also a fellow blogger (check out her blog here).

The menu

I was whisked off to La Lucha Libre after being picked up at the airport. This restaurant has the strangest interior design I’ve ever seen. It had a golden pleather couch with gold candle sticks on one table, the walls were bright fuchsia, and even the menus were “nicely” framed with gold fancy wood work.  It was confusing, regardless of the type of food it served, but the food was definitely very, very good. (Please forgive the poor photo compositions, as I was very tired at the time)

Tastey, tastey chips

They have a salsa bar with a lot of different types to try, and free complimentary chips. Oh my, those chips were good. Crispy and dark brown, everything you want in a tortilla chip.  None of their salsas were too spicy, so I think they’re mostly the same, but the creamy cilantro one was pretty good. We were debating whether or not the sauce was a type of guacamole (I think it had lots of cream, Jinxi thinks it has yogurt, and my brother insisted that it had avocados). She went up to to ask, and apparently the weren’t allowed to tell us what was in it! It was confirmed that there was no avocados (why would you argue about food with foodies =O) and it had cilantro in it. Anyway, on to the burrito…

Holy Moly – Grilled Chicken Breast, Mole, Rice, Queso Panela, & Sour Cream


I split the burrito with Jinxi, and I was surprised to see how pale the sauce was. I’ve never had mole (its a Mexican sauce made with chocolate), and the few times I see it online the color is always a deep brown exactly like chocolate. I don’t really know how to describe it… its very deep, but smooth and creamy, and the end note is just a little sweet. My brother says that mole tastes exactly like chocolate, but I don’t really think so. The burrito had chicken, rice, and the cheese (queso panela). Queso panela tastes like bean curd I would eat in Chinese restaurants, haha. Its very solid, not that creamy or pungent. The texture is exactly like bean curd too. Overall, I really liked the burrito and the chips and salsa. Then again, its Jinxi approved so why wouldn’t I? ;)



2 thoughts on “La Lucha Libre @ San Diego

  1. Minxi says:

    fun fact! apparently the golden pleather booth is available by reservation only. I'm not sure what makes that corner particularly special, but apparently it is…. haha

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