The first time I came here was this past May, and it was crowded, rowdy, and loud. In fact, there were so many people that we opted away from the dining hall because otherwise me and my friend probably wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation. Despite the noise, I really wanted to come back again because I remember the food being delicious. The first experience at a new place is always magical, I think.
Anyway, after a day at the beach up at Erie, PA, we decided to come here for dinner.

Giant pretzels with giant pieces of salt but not so giant cup of bier cheese

What’s a German restaurant without some large, soft and chewy pretzels? Unfortunately, I think the first time was better, but maybe its just the first time magic. They were large, chewy, perfectly brown, and oh my that bier cheese sauce is to die for. If you’ve never had good pretzels, you have to try. Even if you don’t like pretzels you have to try. This appetizer is amazing.

Bohemian roasted pork – Slow roasted pork shoulder topped with Pilsner gravy and served with sauerkraut and Bohemian dumplings.

I ordered the special of this month, Bohemian roasted pork. The sauerkraut served with this dish is as amazing as I remember it. Creamy, slightly sour and not mushy. I love their sauerkraut, and they also serve a different kind (apple something?) that I should remember to try next time I come. The Bohemian dumplings I don’t get at all. It tasted like under-kneaded super dense bread. I don’t even think its boiled because the texture isn’t right. Its covered in gravy, but honestly, it was much to dense for my liking. I don’t really understand how these are dumplings, especially because I looked up a few Bohemian dumpling recipes and most of them called for boiling them, then baking/frying. I don’t understand it at all. For the pork, I feel like this was something I could eat at home. It wasn’t special, and the gravy didn’t really stand out either. Overall, it was a rather disappointing dish because it was so simple and home-like for me.

Schnitzel sandwich with bier cheese

I did not taste this dish, but if its anything like another friend’s schnitzel, this sandwich is probably amazing. Plus, it has the bier cheese, so what could possibly go wrong? Also, the fries weren’t bad: salted and potato-y.

German Meatloaf (?) with eggs

Yeah, that ham like thing is a German/Bavarian meatloaf. It looked like ham, and it certainly tasted like ham. It was very meaty, and salty. I would believe them if they wrote ham on their menu instead of meatloaf. Its not a typical American meatloaf where its pretty clear that the whole thing is not made of meat. I was impressed, and this was actually a pretty good dish.

Wurst Sampler – Bratwurst, Bierwurst and Frankfurt

This is what I had the first time I came to Hofbräuhaus. They’re all types of sausages, and I remember liking the Bierwurst one the best (the brown one), the frankfurt second, and the bratwurst last. I think it has to do with the first two being more savory and seasoned better, whereas the bratwurst was mostly just salty. I don’t remember clearly though, and I didn’t try it again this time around.

Schnitzel with mushroom sauce(?)

Since their menu isn’t posted, I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but from what I remember this is their schnitzel with what looks like a mushroom sauce. Their schnitzels are soooo good; perfectly fried pork cutlets, juicy and savory. I also really like the cabbage and bacon side for this dish. From last time, I remember the cabbage and bacon to be tender, fragrant, but also creamy. I think schnitzels would be on the top of my list to order again, especially for myself.

I have heard that their apple strudel dessert is good, but we were all so full that we didn’t try it. However, next time I would love to skip the appetizer and even share my entree with someone to try some of their dessert.

And as for beer, they have great beers. They sell them in 500mL or 1L mugs, and it is all very fresh. I had a taste of their beer and I think I liked it. However, since I don’t drink I won’t delve too much into that.

Would I come back? I can’t WAIT to come back to this place to eat more of their delicious food. If this is a good representation of German food then I’m afraid my list of places to visit has just gotten longer.


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