Church Brew Works

The first time I saw this place at Liberty Ave. I tried to convince my friend to go in there with me. However, he said that it looked too much like a bar/church, it really confused him, so he refused to go in. I was pretty upset about that because I was really excited to go, but my other friend decided to take me here for lunch, so its all good.

Look at those gorgeous windows

As the name suggests, the building used to be a church. They have installed large beer-making machines and vats to keep beer fresh and carbonated. Think this is sacrilege to a church? Well, at strip district, they have a church turned into a night club. That’s Pittsburgh for you all.

Large vats for fresh beer

Pierogies are one of the specialties of Pittsburgh, and this place was famous for them. They even had a special pierogies dish every day, except it was only served for dinner so we couldn’t order it. We did get a few Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania specials though.

Philly Cheesesteak with Kobe Beef

Looking that picture makes me hungry. My friend ordered the Philly Cheese steak, which was apparently made with Kobe beef, and if you wanted you could get it with extra meat too. I didn’t taste it, but my friend said that it could have used more onions and mushroom for flavoring. The chips though, were good.

Pittsburgh Salad with Plain Chicken Tenders

The Pittsburgh salad had a choice of buffalo or plain chicken tenders. For all the non-Pittsburghers, a Pittsburgh salad basically means it has fries in the salad. I liked the chicken tenders and slightly melted cheese on top. It was very juicy, well seasoned, and crispy.  However, the fries weren’t that great. Maybe ’cause they were served on a salad and was getting soggy, but even then I felt like they just gave me left over fry bits from the bottom of the bunch. I want real, whole, long fries, not the dinky little 1 inch pieces I was served. If I wanted to be healthy, I would probably order this again though, and hopefully the bad fries is just a one time thing.

Malted Bread Pudding

What drew me to order this delicious dessert was that 1) I have never had bread pudding before, and 2) since their specialty is beer, a lot of beer seemed to go into this dessert. I’m always up for something special, not generic cheese cake or apple pie a la mode.

It had fresh apples, raisins and reduced dunkel sweet barley syrup blended with sweet custard, baked and topped with cinnamon lager sauce

The bread pudding itself was only mildly sweet. It was more sour than anything else, probably because they used granny smith apples. There were apple chunks and raisins in the bread pudding, which was delightful. I’m not sure I taste the barley syrup, but the cinnamon lager sauce definitely tastes like lager. It wasn’t over powering in cinnamon taste too, more of a mild undertone which was great. The cream on top (I think that’s cream?) was a nice touch, but I don’t think it actually tasted like anything. Since bread pudding was baked with a custard, I was hoping for more of a custard taste/texture, but maybe bread pudding isn’t supposed to have that. Overall, this dense dessert was amazing, and I would definitely go for it again.

As for the restaurant, I would love to come back. I love American bar/brewery/grill food, and they have a whole selection of pizzas that I would want to get. Since there were only 2 of us, I didn’t want to finish a pizza by myself, but I think that next on my to-try list.


One thought on “Church Brew Works

  1. Megan says:

    What an awesome place! I would go there!

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