Salt of the Earth is an awesome place, as I have shared before. I think one of the reasons that it can be so high quality is because it uses seasonal foods, so the ingredients are always fresh and ripe and therefore delicious. Legume is also one of those restaurants that use local and seasonal ingredients, and so their menu changes daily. Having been to Salt just recently, I had high expectations for Legume. We started with the Smoked Blue Fish Pate and of course complimentary bread.

Amazing baguettes

Bread usually isn’t THAT exciting for me to dedicate a whole paragraph to, but oh my goodness, they know how to make bread. Fragrant, warm baguettes with a extra crispy exterior, warm and chewy interior. It was amazing. The perfect ratio of crust to interior, the texture of it all, and the big air bubbles that I can’t get in my own baked bread is all there. I loved it, and probably ate more than I should have.

Smoked bluefish pate with pickles and baguette drizzled and baked with olive oil

Again, that bread was good. This time they baked it with olive oil, which made it extra crispy. I was hoping we could get more of the bread for the pate, but we were only served extra bread, thin cut, for the pate. The pate itself was good too, but I felt like it was a really expensive version of tuna salad. However, it was good tuna salad, if anything. Incredibly smoky, which I like, and not so heavy on the mayonnaise which I was grateful for. The pickles also went really well with the pate. I liked this dish.

Chicken Cooked Under a Skillet with Garlic, Tomatoes, Summer Savory and Polenta

This was my friend’s chicken dish, which I took a bite or two out of. It was served with corn polenta (covered). The chicken was well cooked, I suppose, but not very flavorful. The garlic though, was amazing; it melted in my mouth when I ate it.

King Mackerel with Corn, Green Beans, Bacon, Cape Peas and Tomato Vinaigrette

My friendgave me a whole chunk of the crispy edge of the mackerel. It was well cooked, but it also reminded me of home. Plain and simple. Again, not very flavorful, but at least the fish was fresh, I guess. Oh and his beans/corn mixture was well seasoned, which I liked.

Lamb Sausage

Finally, this is my dish, the lamb sausage with corn polenta and some vegetables. The sausages reminded me of home too, like the ones my mom would buy in an upscale sausage shop. The vegetables they used were also reminiscent of home. However, the sausages were so salty, I almost couldn’t finish my plate. The pesto that came with it didn’t really taste like anything. The corn polenta was very good though: tender, soft, and not gritty. Overall, not even nicely seasoned, and unflavorful.

Lavender Panna Cotta with Blue Berries and Shortbread

I was intrigued by the lavender panna cotta, so we ordered it to share. It was soft, creme brulee like, and both the cookie and the panna cotta had lavender scent in it. It was subtle and I can’t decide if it was a good thing or not. The panna cotta was a little sweet, in my opinion. I’m usually all for sweet, but I had hoped for a more delicate dessert. After your senses got used to the lavender, the panna cotta was a blob of sweet cream, which I did not really appreciate. The blueberries were supposed to supplement the dessert after the lavender scent went away, but… it just wasn’t what I had wanted. The shortbread was average too. I like my shortbread sandy and buttery, and this one was not. However, it had lavender in it (which was a plus) and it was also salted, and I love savory-sweet combinations. Still, neither parts of this dessert was what I had hoped for.

In conclusion? I probably would not go back again, especially because of the price. I’m paying the same amount for a nicely cooked, possibly nicely seasoned and not so flavorful meal compared to what I could get at Salt of the Earth. I simply cannot afford chucking money at restaurants for slightly-above average meals. I think my favorite part of the meal was the bread. I was sorely disappointed by the rest of my meal.


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