Maybe Its Magic

I will admit that Pittsburgh isn’t the best place to be for the food, but anyone who’s ever been to Salt of the Earth will agree that its good. And, coming here three times has definitely affirmed: damn this place is good. Their menu changes a lot because they will use (mostly) seasonal things, which can be exciting and disappointing at the same time. I once scouted out their menu a few days too early, and was disappointed that they did not have any more of the of the soft shell crab dish. But oh well, I had other tasty foods there, so it wasn’t so bad.

Their menu changes a lot, hence the blackboard

Anyway, this time, we ordered octopus and peaches for appetizers, and octopus, scallops, and ribeye for entree.

Grilled Peach: fresh cheese, curry, onion

I was too busy taking pictures when our waiter was explaining the dish, so we never figured out what the chips were. But overall the peaches were perfect: fragrant, soft and tender, tangy but sweet. The fresh cheese was wet and crumbly, not so great by itself but great with the curry sauce or peaches. The chip also went well with the curry sauce. Overall, each component of the dish was average, but you could “mix and match” them to get different tastes and flavors. The interesting thing part was that if you stack them all together and ate all the components at once, the taste is nothing like eating them separately, or even pairing it. The combination of every thing made a  flavorful bite of creaminess and peach flavor, and the contrast of textures was like an ensemble in my mouth. Considering that the cheese by itself did not have the same creaminess, I was pleasantly surprised by it. This, being a summer special, was so worth it and I was very, very happy with this appetizer.

Octopus: chorizo, orange, marcona almond, cilantro

The octopus appetizer, in my opinion, was not as good as the grilled peaches, but amazing nonetheless.  The cilantro was in the form of green dots of pesto, and the white goo is white bean puree. The octopus was grilled/baked to perfection: soft, tender, but flavorful and certainly not fishy. If this is what octopus is supposed to taste like, boy have I been eating over cooked octopus for forever. I was surprised by how tender they were. At this point I was slowly being absorbed into these delicate flavors and was slowly losing track of what I liked and didn’t like about it…

Salmon: potato, bean, Old Bay, Tabasco

Scallop: spaghetti, uni, corn, tomato, avocado

Ribeye: mushroom, squash, sauce charcuterie

Ribeye: side view

In fact, I think I’m just going to throw these pictures on here and leave it be. At some point I gave up taking notes on this meal because note taking just isn’t fun when you’re busy trying to taste and savor everything. I can tell you that everything was delicious, but words don’t give it justice. I am simply not good enough of a food blogger to describe the delicate and harmonious flavors, but I also believe Salt of the Earth is just magic that you need to experience to understand. They have everything made to perfection, flavored and seasoned perfectly, and each component of a dish is always chosen to compliment each other. I love this place, and I would come back as many times as my friends wanted to go. If you live in Pittsburgh, or ever come here, I urge you try it out. =)


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