Ray’s Hell Burger

Its been a while since I have reviewed a restaurant.  Honestly, its because I don’t have money.  =(  I try my hardest not to eat out even though I have all the time in the world to now.  Ironic, isn’t it?

This past weekend, I spent my time with my boyfriend down at DC area.  He lives in the faaar suburbs of Virginia, but we did go into Washington DC for a while.  Since he is a picky eater, I always have a hard time choosing restaurants for the both of us to go to.  However, burgers are always a safe bet, and since Serious Eats posted “the best of Washington DC” the day that I left for DC, how could I not visit Ray’s Hell burger?

I was expecting a nice place, but it turns out its just a small fast food-like store

Anyway, their menu is extensive, in terms of burger eating, but also tiny, in terms of the restaurant.  They do have two very special items that I knew immediately I would be getting: bone marrow ($5) and foie gras ($10).  I am not fond of the taste of liver (although I have never tried foie gras) so I decided to go with the bone marrow topping.  My boyfriend chose their normal cheeseburger (called The Mack) but it comes with their special sauce.

THE MACK – American Cheese, Beefsteak Tomato, Lettuce, Pickle, Red Onion – RAY’S HECK SAUCE

A very regular burger, but a very juicy and tastey regular burger.

THE DOGCATCHER-Roasted Bone Marrow, Persillade, Lettuce and Tomato + Roasted Garlic

See that huge chunk of meat-like slab? That’s the bone marrow, and let me tell you – its the best thing on a burger ever.

I didn’t try my boyfriend’s burger, but mine was definitely more than amazing.  The seasoning was spot on, the roasted garlic was crispy and fragrant, and, oh my god, the bone marrow.  Fatty, juicy, everything bone marrow is supposed to be, but also intensified the flavor of the burger patty. The bun was store bought, and tomatoes are just tomatoes… but the bone marrow with the patty, seriously.  If you ever have the chance to try the two together, DO IT.  It was probably the best thing I have had in DC area.

At this place, if you ask for medium rare, you get medium rare.  My boyfriend’s patty was raw in the center browned and cooked on the outside.  I stupidly asked for medium well, so it was a little dry on the tongue, but still incredibly flavorful and somehow still juicy.  I would go fro medium next time.

I do some complaints about this place though.  Apparently they’re not very good at remembering your order.  I asked for Cognac & Sherry Sautéed Mushrooms, which were not present on the burger.  I’m not sure if the persillade was even on my burger, and Ray’s heck sauce might have not been present on my boyfriend’s burger either.  This is definitely not just a single instance, because apparently one of his friends have also ordered bacon to go with his burger but it wasn’t on the burger when it arrived.  He even paid for it too.  And their fries are terrible.  Outright terrible.  It tastes like campus food.  Leathery, a little undercooked but also strangely over cooked at the same time.  Not seasoned, not potato-y, but costs like $2?? What’s with that?? I have heard that their sweet potato fries are amazing though, but my boyfriend doesn’t eat sweet potatoes so we weren’t able to get them.

Bottom line, I would, without a doubt, come back to this place again.  I want to try some of their other burger combinations, but I would stay away from those nasty fries, and probably be more attentive about the toppings I asked for.


2 thoughts on “Ray’s Hell Burger

  1. Minxi says:

    Did Sid take you to Hodad’s when you were in SD? They have the best burgers ever :P

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