Dark Salty Caramels

Its finally Summer time, so I have tons of time to cook and bake and to make things.  I love having my own kitchen, and I even regret not moving off campus for Senior year.  All of this is just too convenient.

A few days ago I tried Alton Brown’s dark salty caramels recipe.  I’ve watched so many of his good eats shows, and I finally got to taste what his recipes are like. This is the recipe that I followed: Click for Dark Salty Caramels Recipe

I halved this recipe and used a small container to hold my caramel.  However, I would really recommend using the container he calls for because I felt like my caramels were too thick, and so the salt-to-candy ratio wasn’t high enough.  Also, I ended up with really large candies in my parchment paper.

Caramels with salt before cutting into it

The caramels were very soft and very pliable, not to mention super sticky.  I am not much of a fan for this type of texture, but I suppose that’s what they’re supposed to be like.  However, it did make cutting it and moving it onto parchment paper very difficult, and it took me almost an hour to wrap all of them.

Cutting into the caramels was so much harder than expected

In terms of the taste of this caramel, I absolutely love it.  It is deep and complex, and it has a strong aroma of the burnt sugar, and the mixture of all the flavors almost reminds me of coffee.  The salt really makes this caramel stand out because it brings out the sweetness.  Overall, its an amazing candy.  I still have some left, so anyone who wants to stop by my apartment before next week can try. =)

My mound of wrapped up candies

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I hate the new wordpress because it doesn’t allow me to save posts, and I have no idea how to insert pictures with the size and captions I was doing before =( Actually, I don’t know know how to get to the dashboard without posting the post first and then pressing edit =(

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