Green Pepper

A while back I went to Green Pepper with several of my friends.  I’ve been here over the summer, and my first impression was that it was just Korean food, which I’m not obsessed over.  However, I decided to give this place a second try despite the price.  On average each entree was 15 or more dollars, and honestly, the service wasn’t that great.  During my second visit, I felt like the waiters didn’t know what to do, and let us sit at the table for a ridiculously amount of time before asking for our orders (I was starved by then so I was pretty annoyed about this).  I just looked like waiters were walking around, seemingly with a purpose, but they never came to our table despite the fact that we looked ready.  I hate slow service.

But anyway, two of us ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap, two of us ordered the Beef Dumpling in Stew, and one person ordered the Spicy Chicken Meal set.

Hand Made Beef Dumpling Stew

Dolsot Bibimbap

Spicy Chicken Meal Set

I actually really liked my dish, the dolsot bibimbap. I don’t know if it was because I was extremely hungry or what, but I thought it was good. They used some vegetables that I had no idea what they were, but it went well together with the sauce and marinated meat. I had hoped that the stone bowl would make some of the rice crispy, but that didn’t happen so I was a little bit disappointed. Perhaps the stone bowl wasn’t hot enough?

For my friend’s dish, I loved the soup that used.  I think it was a pork bone soup even though it may look like a cream based soup.  It had a creamy and aromatic taste to it, but not overly strong.  This was probably my favorite thing of the meal. I’m not very fond of dumplings in soup; its a very non-Chinese thing to do, and I’m not really sure what to think of it. Also, noodles with the dumpling seemed like it was really really filling. I liked their soup, even though it wasn’t very strong (good for drinking, not so good for a noodle-soup).

The Chicken Teriyaki was typical. It was some sort of marinated chicken with a bunch of side dishes. I forget what the marinade was because I only had one bite of it.

Of course, as with every Korean restaurant, there were side dishes that came with the entree.  I had a taste of all of them and they were very good.  However they charged for refills, which furthers my point of how expensive this place is.  I love the Korean side dishes and if other restaurants can offer it for free, why can’t they?

Overall, I don’t think I would come back to Green Pepper anytime soon.  The service is slow, and the food is expensive.  I have heard that this is a very authentic Korean restaurant, but I think Korea Garden is just as good and not as expensive.


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