La Feria

Again, a few weeks ago a few friends and I went to Shady Side’s La Feria for lunch. I had heard some good things about this place and it actually has a pretty high review on yelp. Its located on the second floor of Pamela’s, funnily enough. The restaurant itself is also a shop selling all sorts of Peruvian jewelry, crafts and clothes. The store itself was cute, but I was very confused because of the merge.

We got seated and our waitress handed us our menus. She said that the specialty drink was lemonade and limeade, so each of my friends ordered one each. I had a taste of both, but I really dislike sour things so I can’t really say if it was good or bad lemonade/limeade. They said that it was really sweet for lemonade/limeade though, so who knows.

Beef Empanada with Cranberry Quinoa Salad

I had a dish that contained two beef empanadas with cranberry quinoa salad. I loved the cranberry quinoa salad. It was a little tangy and a little sweet. Although I would have preferred fresh cranberries, I like dried cranberries as well. If I came back again I would definitely want to order this salad again. The empanada was not what I expected. Actually, I’m not really sure if what I should be expecting of empanadas. The egg wash on the pastry crust was gorgeous, which made me think that it would be incredibly tastey. I expected the pastry to be buttery and crumbly, kind of like a meat pie or something. However, the shell was thin, and wasn’t very flavorful or anything. I’m not sure if this is how empanadas are supposed to be, but I was disappointed. The beef filling was also average. It was salty, and it kind of reminded me of the sambussa from the Abay. Overall the empanada wasn’t that exciting.

Triple Sandwich

Nana ordered a triple cheese sandwich, which is exactly what it is, a triple cheese sandwich. She really enjoyed it, but I didn’t take a bite or anything. Those sweet potato chips though, were amazing. I loved it, and maybe I would consider ordering this sandwich just for those chips.

...some chicken thingy

Yeah, some chicken thingy. This was one of their specials, and so I don’t really remember what its called. I also don’t remember that one spice that made this dish taste amazing… but it was amazing, haha. It might have been mint…? The dish was almost like curry, but Peruvian style. If I ever figure out what it is I would love to actually eat the whole thing =)


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