Abay Ethiopian Cuisine

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in so long.

So I went to this Ethiopian place a few weeks ago, and it was a very interesting experience.  The tastes were very different from what I am used to, so they can get kind of hard to describe.  But overall I think it was a good experience, and I would love to go back again.

Two thin shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a blend of minced chicken breast, peppers and mitmita, and two thin shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a combination of lentils, onions, peppers and herbs.

The first dish was an appetizer. It’s called Vegetarian and Chicken Sumbassa. I don’t remember which one I had, but I assume they taste the same. They were made of wonton skins, with a filling that was very flavorful (again, not so good with spices so I have no idea how else to describe it). I felt like a major downfall was that it was incredibly oily. After biting it open, the grease started dripping out of the of shell, which was rather unappetizing. I’m not sure if I would get this appetizer again.

Beef Gomen Besiga, Chicken Doro Tibs, Butecha, and... something

Ethiopian food is usually served in a communal manner as seen above. The bread, called injera bread, is a very soft and spongey purple-ish colored bread, which I liked a lot. You were supposed to rip a piece off and grab the food with it. We were not so skilled at this and ended up with a lot of dropped pieces on the table.

The left dish (the brown goo) is some sort of bean entree. I don’t remember which one we ordered, but it was probably the best dish out of the bunch. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it or the taste of it so I’ll just leave it at that.

The top dish was the Beef Gomen Besiga, which had kale in it. This was our second favorite dish. It was very flavorful, and the kale added a nice touch to it. However, it was also on the greasy side, but I think it was an amazing dish and definitely worth getting.

The bottom on is chicken doro tibs, which has sort of a tangy sauce plus onions and peppers. I distinctly remember it being sort of like something I would eat at a Chinese stir-fry place, or chicken fajita. Although it was good, I don’t think we liked it as much as the previous two and so this isn’t really a dish I would recommend if you wanted to try something new and exciting.

Finally, on the right is the Butecha, which, by its description on the menu, sounded exactly like hummus (which is also why I ordered it). It was also a cold dish, but definitely not as good as hummus (Ali Baba anyone?). I remember it was kind of dry, because the chick pea-mash was very chunky, and the insides weren’t as flavorful.

I think I would definitely go back to this restaurant again, and try some of their other dishes as well as just to eat some more injera bread.


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