Brasserie 33

There was a groupon for this restaurant not long ago, and so I decided to try it out with the Sheep.  The restaurant was located in a small square, and I was very skeptical of it because the menu (which I read online before hand) was in French which already made it seem pretentious.  We went in, and I loved the interior design of the place.  It reminded me of a small quaint French village, or something.  Like Ratatouille, or Inglorious Bastards.  Unfortunately they did not have AC even though it was a hot day, but I assume that it will be fixed sometime soon.

That's literally the kitchen

We took a look at the menu, but the waitress told us that there were many other items that weren’t on it, which are specials of the day.  She described about four or five dishes, one of which included a Tilapia fish dish and a veal chop dish.  I wanted veal chops and the Sheep wanted the Tilapia dish.  It took a while for the dishes to be served but they were definitely more than worth the wait.

The only things from the menu description that I remember is that the veal chops were lightly breaded and had a mushroom sauce on it.  I loved it.  The veal was more tender than I expected, and the mushroom sauce went amazingly well with it.  The stuffed tomatoes too, were nicely infused with spices.  They were probably the best tomatoes I’ve ever had.  The potato au gratin were smooth and buttery, which were amazing.  Overall, everything on this entree was delicious.

I got to taste the Sheep’s Tilapia dish too.  His fries were amazingly crispy, somewhat like Point Brugge’s fries, although I have to say that Point Brugge’s fries are better.  The clams had a spicy dijon/mustard sauce on it, which was good.  The tilapia filet, underneath the fries, was covered in a similar as the clams with tomatoes on top.  I did not really get to taste the fish, but the Sheep liked it.

Overall, both entrees were amazing, but why stop there?  Despite the fact that I was stuffed, I ordered the Tarte du Jour.  The sheep told me that du Jour meant “of the day,” which was apparently strawberry tart.

I was confused at first, because it looked like the tart was a small cake underneath the fruit.  However, it was indeed a tart, just not in a cup/bowl shape.  The edges were crispy and crunchy – I loved the texture of it.  The whole thing was also chilled with strawberry syrup underneath.  The center of the tart was soft and moist.  It was amazingly delicious and I managed to finish the whole thing despite being stuffed.

I loved the whole meal.  Everything tasted good.  The spices were right, the meat was tender, and the textures were perfect.  I think Brasserie 33 might be my favorite restaurant in town for now.


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