Deluca’s @ Strip District

Deluca’s, the other famous breakfast diner in Pittsburgh.  Like Pamela’s, its independently owned, but offers amazing breakfast/brunch/lunch foods.  On weekends they have Lobser Bisque!  Every time I went to Strip District I’ve always seen kajillion people outside waiting in line, so I decided that I want to try it.

Like Pamela’s, they offer a variety of breakfast foods, although more.  The options range from omelets to pancakes to hot cakes and crepes and waffles, and then sandwiches and soups.  I ordered Nutella Chocolate Banana Crepe, and the Sheep ordered their special for today, Cheeseburger Omelets which came with homefries.

Nutella Chocolate Banana Crepe

Cheeseburger Omlet

I really loved my crepe.  It was wrapped around creamy ricotta cheese, a banana, chocolate chips, and Nutella spread.  However, the crepe itself was thicker than I expected – I would say it was more like a hotcake.  However, they also have hotcakes and pancakes, so I’m assuming hotcakes are even thicker (or greasier, since the Pamela’s ones are).  The thing that I loved about the meal was that it was not greasy.  Pamela’s is too greasy for me; it makes me feel like I just chugged a bottle of oil by the time I finish the meal.  Also, the ricotta cheese inside the crepe was amazing.  It was creamy, and went really well to balance out the sweetness of Nutella and chocolate chips.  Overall, this is possibly the best crepe I have ever had.

The Sheep really liked the cheeseburger omelet too.  He said that it just tasted like hamburger meat and eggs at first, but as he ate closer to the center it became really cheesey, and he loved it.  The home fries were crispy and was good.  He really loved his meal too.

The only problem with this diner is that the wait was very long.  It took us probably 20 minutes to get in, which was around 9:30am.  By the time we left, probably 10:30 ish the line was still as long.  I would say it is very much worth the wait, even under the hot sun.  =)

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