The Original Pancake House – Part 1 & 2

The Original Pancake House was a restaurant my brother introduced to me at San Diego.  I ended up not going there, but on one random summer day, my phone showed this restaurant as one of the possible locations to eat at when we were at Ross Park Mall.  I was really excited that there was one at Pittsburgh, and I convinced my friend to bring me there the next week.  Either my friend enjoyed it a lot, or he was really intrigued by the big menu (I’ll never know which one it is), he said he wanted to come again next week.  Anyway, this big long post is the result of two visits to the restaurant. =D

The first time we ordered off their “specialty menu.”  I got the Dutch Baby and he got the Apple Pancakes.  Apparently the Dutch Baby is the dutch way of making a pancake.  Its first fried on a skillet, and then baked in an oven.  The result is a pancake with two layers and lots of air and fluff in the middle.

Dutch Baby

The top was dusted with powdered sugar, and I would assume the liquid in the middle of the pancake is some form of syrup (or it could be butter… =X).  The pancake came with whipped butter, more powdered sugar, and lemon wedges.  I squeezed the juice of two lemon wedges on my pancake before eating.  I don’t know if it was because I had a bite of the Apple pancake first, or that their pancakes are more “eggy” in general, but the first thing I noticed was that the pancake had really strong egg flavors, which I liked.  The very top part of the pancake was crunchy from being baked in the oven, and the bottom part was soft and smooth.  I liked the contrast of textures.  Also, the lemon really adds some nice taste to the pancake.  Overall, I really liked it, although I have to say its not amazing.



Apple Pancake that's bigger than your face

The apple pancake was a lot bigger than we had anticipated, but I liked it even though my friend didn’t.  He said it was too sweet, but perhaps that’s because he doesn’t have much of a stomach for sweetness.  The bottom was a thick, dense pancake, a layer of egg, and then apples to top it off.  The menu said that the syrup was Sinkiang cinnamon glaze.  This pancake was chewier than the Dutch Baby, probably because of the thickness.  Overall I thought it was a really good dish too, but it wasn’t that special.

The next time we went, we ordered Chocolate chip pancakes, fresh strawberry pancakes, and Swedish Pancake (which had ligon berries as the topping).  The Swedish pancake was more crepe like, and the other two were just normal pancakes.  I think overall the food here resembles IHOP, but tastes better.  The pancakes were fluffier and chewier than IHOP’s (I personally have a very low opinion of IHOP pancakes).  Although I wouldn’t say the Original Pancake house is anything too special, I still like their food items and would come back again for more.

Swedish Pancake

Fresh Strawberry Pancake

Chocolate Chip Pancake


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