Matchbox: Chinatown

So I was in Washington DC two weeks ago.  My friend and I road tripped there (which almost got ourselves killed… sort of…) and I was at the Smithsonian and Washington Monument and such and such.  Touristy things aside, we went to Matchbox: Chinatown because it was really highly rated on yelp.  It was 3 o’clock when we arrived and we were starved by then.  The place looked small from the outside, but on the inside they had very interesting interior design.  You could see the pizza grill at the back.  All the tables had little match boxes placed in it, and overall the atmosphere was nice.

Mini burgers with a ridiclous amount of onion straws on top <3

So adorable

Matchbox is famous for their mini burgers and their pizzas, so we decided to get one of each and share.  There are 3 options for mini burgers: 3, 6, or 9 burgers, and it can be topped with gouda, mozzarella, or gorgonzola cheese.  Also, it comes with a lot of fried onions (which they called onion straws because of the thin cut), topped with grated cheese.  We got 6 mini burgers, and they were a lot more filling than we had expected.  I thought the burgers were only okay.  The brioche bread was very thick and dense, and I had a hard time getting my mouth around the burger to begin with (as small as it was).  I didn’t find it very well seasoned or anything.  Then again, I also had a heat stroke at that time so maybe that dulled my senses.  But my, those onion straws were the best onion rings (?) I’ve ever had in my life.  They were so… onion-y.  I love onions, and somehow they were really able to bring out the onion flavor.  One small piece and it saturates all your senses with onion flavor, with a hint of cheese.  The balance of cheese and onion flavor was perfect.  This dish is definitely worth getting, even if its just for the onion straws.  I wish they would sell the onion straws as an appetizer all by itself, but they do not.  =(  We cleaned the plate, and all that was left was shreds of grated cheese.



Pizza - half matchbox meat half sweet sopresatta & wild mushroom

Matchbox is a pizza bistro, so of course we ordered pizza.  They served NY style pizza.  I believe we got a big pizza, half of it was matchbox meat (pepperoni / spicy italian sausage / crispy bacon /
zesty tomato sauce / mozzarella) and half of it was sweet sopresatta & wild mushroom (with fresh herbs / zesty tomato sauce / mozzarella).  Sopresatta is a kind of cured salami, apparently.  The pizza was really good.  It was thin, which I liked, and the crust at the edges were a little bit burnt which made it crunchy.  The proportion of topping, sauce, and crust was really good.  I liked both pizzas, and I would definitely come back for more.

Unfortunately, even though it was not a busy hour, we still had to wait a long time for our food.  Perhaps it was because we ordered “well done” for our burgers, and that the pizzas take a while to bake regardless of what kind of pizza we ordered.  I was slightly annoyed at this because I was so hungry, but the food was definitely worth it.  If I ever went to Washington DC again I would come back for more.


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