Smiling Banana Leaf part 2

Smiling Banana Leaf again!  My friend really likes Asian food, and so we came back again a second time (and third, but I wont’ post about that).  This time coming in we noticed that the waitress might be a transvestite…??? Not that it really matters to the food we’re served, but it was something we were discussing over lunch.  Anyway, this time we came back for lunch, and I ordered Green Curry and my friend ordered Pad Thai.

With the Green Curry, I specified brown rice instead of the normal Jasmine rice, and to my surprise the brown rice was purple.  I think this might be a Southeast Asian thing, because I’ve never seen purple brown rice in Taiwan before.  The brown rice in Taiwan is… well, I’ve never had brown rice in Taiwan, but the kind I buy its, well, brown (sort of an ivory color I suppose).  At first I thought it was purple sweet/glutinous rice, but it wasn’t.  Anyway, the lunch portions are slightly smaller (less stuff in the curry), but also a few dollars cheaper.  I liked the green curry, but honestly curry tastes all the same to me, so I can’t say how it really compares to the red curry.  I got the Penang Curry the 3rd time I went, and I compared it to the Red Curry (which my friend ordered) and the Penang Curry is sweeter I believe.  I can’t really distinguish the three curries, but either way they were all amazing haha.  The pork is, as usual, tender and flavorful.  I didn’t think it had an excess amount of fat, which is good.  Their curries are definitely very enjoyable dishes and I would recommend it to anyone that likes curry.

My friend ordered Pad Thai, another tradition Thai dish.  This is probably the most authentic Thai food I will get (since the restaurant owners are Thai).  It had a very strong peanut flavor to it, and overall sweeter than I expected.  I only had one bite, but it was very, very delicious.

Green Curry with Brown Rice

Pad Thai with Chicken



2 thoughts on “Smiling Banana Leaf part 2

  1. Minxi says:

    Wait don’t you remember 涓豆腐 in Taipei? The rice was purple, too.

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