Mad Mex @ East Liberty

Mad Mex! I’ve been wanting to go back to this place for a long time. I’ve only eaten here twice, but I’ve always gotten the same thing, haha. My favorite Mexican dish is probably enchilada (although I’ve never had a Chimichanga I guess). Generally the cheese on enchiladas are acceptable (I dislike certain types of cheeses…), and the sauce they use inside enchiladas is really good. Anyway, my friend and I ordered the same thing, so there’s only one picture:

Insane amounts of food rawr

The left is the yummy enchilada, and it comes with 2 types of salsa, black beans, and Mexican rice.  The Mexican rice was really, really good.  I don’t know how they made it, but it had a nice tomato flavor to it that made it really good.  Of course, I thought the enchilada itself was amazing too.  I’m not really sure what was I eating, but it had strong salsa/tomato flavors, with cheese (jack cheese?) and the beef was well seasoned.  I believe my friend doesn’t actually like Mad Mex that much, so I don’t know how often we’ll be coming here, but I definitely look forward to the next time I do to try out more of their menu.   Also, this plate is too much food for me – I’ll probably only eat half of it next time, haha.


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