Smiling Banana Leaf

Smiling Banana Leaf! This small but amazing Thai restaurant is tucked away in Highland Park, which is hard to get to without a car.  As a result, I haven’t heard of this place from any of my college friends.  Rather, it was a graduate student who told my friend about the place, and so two nights ago we went to have dinner there.

The restaurant was very small, but thankfully not very crowded like Point Brugge Cafe.  Their menu included noodles, fried rice, curries, and so on.  Both me and my friend got the red curry.  It comes with a bowl of rice.  Apparently they also had purple glutinous rice (which I love) but we didn’t get it because I didn’t know about it until the customers beside us ordered it.  The next time I go I’m gonna order that =X

Anyway, pics from dinner…

Red Curry with Pork and Rice

Red Curry with Pork and Rice

They allowed us to choose spiciness, from 1-10.  I of course wanted a 10 and it wasn’t that spicy at all.  They definitely gave a lot of curry.  My friend easily ate 2 bowls of rice for the amount of curry they gave.  It was very, very good.  I’m not sure if I like the bamboo in it though.  It was kind of over cooked (probably because it was canned bamboo or something), and the peas and carrots made it seem like they used some frozen vegetable blend, which didn’t go well with the curry.  But the pork soaked up the smell of the spices really well, and overall the curry was just really amazing with the rice.  I can’t wait to come back again and to try some of their other dishes!


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