China Star

Recently, Pacific Ring up at Squirrel Hill got replaced by China Star, which is now a Si Chuan restaurant. I will say that I am extremely biased because I love Si Chuan food, so that’s that. The restaurant is also newly renovated, and I think the interior design looks a lot less gloomier compared to before. Anyway, we ended up ordering 夫妻肺片 (Cold Beef Brisket and tripe), 重慶辣子雞 (Stir fried spicy chicken), 水煮魚 (Fish in hot oil), and 冬菇絲瓜 (Squash and mushrooms).

The dishes turned out to be amazing, although somewhat salty. They were definitely generous on the spices, and I thought they tasted pretty authentic. I feel like this is a restaurant that I would go to regularly with my family in Taiwan, and that says a lot. It could be spicier though… I’ve definitely had spicier Si Chuan food, but I think it was enough for the people I was eating it with. I have yet to find another Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh to offer the squash (in the last dish) so I was really excited. I think the meal was amazing and I would definitely go back again, even if the prices are all $10+.


3 thoughts on “China Star

  1. zhong says:

    I’m the chef of China star, do you still like our place?

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