Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

So apparently there’s a history in which stores in the Strip district are actually meant for wholesale, and so they name their stores “Pittsburgh (something) company,” depending on what they sell.  I believe there is a biscotti company (which I have had their biscotti once before), a spaghetti/noodle/pasta company or something.  This one, of course, came later but since it started in the Strip they followed the tradition (who’s gonna buy popcorn at wholesale anyway?).

I don’t really like popcorn very much, but if I were to eat popcorn I would only eat sweet popcorn.  The first time I bought it it was for Nana, but we both turned out to be super addicted to it, and we have only gotten it twice ever since (including this time).  I think their stuff is so good because of the amount of butter they put on it, but god, why is it so good!?  They’re sweet, but not sickening, and I can continually eat them.  Even if I stop my mouth will water just looking at the bag (hence why me and my roommate have a mutual agreement not to buy these hahaha…)

They also have other really special flavors, like Reese’s peanut butter cups, bacon and cheddar, and various other salty flavors.  I’m personally only interested in caramel, so its the only one I’ve ever gotten.  They also sell popcorn in tins, if anyone ever wants to gorge themselves to death.

A small bag of popcorn =)


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